Sri Lanka: Palathuduwa Preschool Support

Palathuduwa Preschool Report- Q2 2016

August 01, 2016
Laknima Piyushani, Assistant Teacher

Summary of Activities

Classes and activities continued as planned, providing parents and guardians with support and advice in the proper care of their young children, and providing children with a safe environment, at least one nutritious meal a day, and quality preschool education, including health awareness, eco-awareness, diversity awareness, and basic communication technologies. To accomplish this, teachers did the following:

  • Ensured the health and sanitation of the children
  • Prepared the children to become nature-loving, educated citizens
  • Educated the children on how to live in peace and harmony among different ethnic groups
  • Made the children aware of modern communication technology and its benefits
  • Supported the ability of children’s guardians to provide more care and protection for their children

Project Goal

To provide quality preschool education to village children, who typically have fewer resources and opportunities than children closer to the city center.

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Results &


  • Poson Perahera

    Poson Perahera

    Taking Pride in Traditions

    The Poson perahera was organized by the area preschool teachers’ association. Every preschool in Tangalle zone participated in the event, and it was very nice. The perahera was very long and included many items, such as flower bicycles, dancing, children with flags and flowers, and kavadi dancing. An announcer in the Tangalle town area told that this perahara was like the Temple of the Tooth’s perahera in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The announcer said that our perahera took second place only to it. When he said this, we felt proud.

  • New Year's Festival

    New Year’s Festival

    Celebrating Together

    The New Year’s festival is special for Sinhala and Hindu people, and it is well celebrated. The New Year’s festival takes place every year on April 14th. Palathuduwa Preschool teachers wanted to teach about New Year’s traditions, and the children enjoy the festival because they receive new clothing and can eat New Year’s treats. During this time, every relative comes to your house to share your happiness. We celebrated the New Year’s festival at Palathuduwa Preschool by blowing up balloons, playing musical chairs, drinking milk, and eating toffee. Children’s mothers also helped with this event.

  • Walking Back from Temple 2

    Ongoing Learning

    Life Lessons

    A student from Germany came to teach the children for a month. She came to Sri Lanka through an organization to complete a training period for her studies. Also, children faced an art competition again this year. Although they did not place in the competition, they learned many things from the experience.

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15 families who live in and around the village temple. These are low-income families who earn a living as day laborers, performing tasks such as growing low country vegetables, making bricks, and working for others.

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