South Sudan: Juba Teaching Hospital Support

Juba Teaching Hospital Progress Update

July 18, 2016

Summary of Activities

During this reporting quarter, we have been able to improve and upgrade the Antenatal Care Unit and supply with ample furniture and supplies. Furthermore, the maternity operating theatre has been improved by the installation of an air conditioning system. Due to the publishing of the Maternal Near-Miss Audit, we are able to address issues related to maternal mortality in the Juba Teaching Hospital along with the rest of the country.

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Results &


  • Computers

    Improved Technology

    New Computers

    We have procured and installed five desktop computers for RMF’s Juba Coordination Office, along with a satellite phone to enable easy coordination with field operation sites. We have also continued to supply high speed WIFI internet service at both the maternity ward and RMF’s office, providing internet access to doctors, nurses, and RMF’s Juba team.

  • Furniture

    Completed Rooms

    New Furniture

    The Antenatal Care Unit has been greatly improved as a whole due to the upgraded furnishings that have been supplied. There is improved service delivery and increased antenatal attendance. We were also able to fully furnish RMF’s Juba office with furniture and equipment.

  • AC Unit

    Better Conditions

    New AC Unit

    During this quarter, the maternity operating theatre has continued to provide emergency obstetric services, and their facilities have been greatly improved by the addition of a new air conditioning system.

  • Exam Table

    Positive Changes

    Improved Environment

    The upgrades and improvements we have been able to accomplish during this reporting period have changed the face of the Maternity Department. Pregnant women, their partners and healthcare providers are comfortable in an environment that is now clean and well-organized. The waiting time for patients has also been reduced as there is now three fully furnished examination rooms instead of only one before the renovation. This has a very positive effect, as women are getting quality services and encouraging the community by word-of-mouth recommendation to come to the clinic. This space has also allowed for places to conduct health education classes, influencing the health habits of women.

  • Pediatrics

    Clean Wards

    Healthier Patients

    The pediatric inpatient wards have been greatly improved and are kept very clean, reducing nosocomial infections, and the premises are conducive to the health and well-being of healthcare providers, patients, and visitors.

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& Objectives


Juba Teaching Hospital, the only referral hospital in the whole country of South Sudan, is located in its capital Juba, Central Equatoria State. With an estimated population of 10.16 million basing on annual population growth of 3% from a population census conducted in 2008 and lack of proper functioning primary health care facilities upcountry, many South Sudanese have nowhere to go to but this national referral hospital. Military and police hospitals, if any, are non-functional country wide, forcing soldiers and officers to share the limited facilities with civilians.

Juba Teaching Hospital is directly funded by the central government through the National Ministry of Health, and supported by Real Medicine Foundation, Medical Mission International, UN agencies and other NGOs. Our overarching goal is to improve the quality and sustainability of medical and surgical services provided at Juba Teaching Hospital.

  • Improve patient wards and build infrastructure within Juba Teaching Hospital starting with the Pediatric wards.
  • Assist in improving conditions for providing health care at Juba Teaching Hospital, including the policies and management of regular and medical waste.
  • Rehabilitate and/or purchase new medical equipment.
  • Provide basic medical supplies, disposables and pharmaceuticals for the Pediatric Department, complementing those provided by the Ministry of Health.
  • Organize on-site clinical training, beginning with general equipment usage.
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  • Approximately 444,680 people living in Juba and the immediate surrounding areas directly benefit from this initiative and the work being doing at the Juba Teaching Hospital.
  • Students from JCONAM, Juba Nursing School, and Juba Health Science Training Institute are also direct beneficiaries of this projects since all the clinical practice that they do takes place at Juba Teaching Hospital.
  • Indirectly, the Juba Teaching Hospital supports the 9.86 million South Sudanese from all ten states, as per the 2008 Sudan Population and Housing Census. Juba Teaching Hospital is the only national referral hospital in the entire countries.
  • We also support all the business communities from neighboring and other African countries, the working class from NGO/INGOs, UN Agencies, etc.

Common health problems treated through this project are:

  • Malaria
  • Diarrheal Diseases
  • Intestinal Worms
  • Respiratory Tract Infections
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Skin Infections
  • Measles
  • Malnutrition
  • Enteric Fever
  • Burns
  • Trauma (i.e. traffic accidents)
  • Gunshot Wounds
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Ward 5

A child recovering from a snake bite.

Bullet Wound

A child recovers from a bullet wound.


A child well-recovered from an abdominal laparotomy.

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