Philippines: Mobile Midwives

Mobile Midwives Report 2016

April 25, 2016

Summary of Activities

In response to the growing concern of sexual exploitation, Mobile Midwives offers a way to educate and empower former victims through an accredited midwifery program and the resources to reach and assist women and vulnerable youth via a fully equipped mobile Jeepney clinic.

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Results &


  • Philippine Girl

    Mobile Midwives

    Education and Licensure
    • Thirty former victims of sexual exploitation selected for the program through applications, essays, and interviews
    • Attendance of a 2-year Midwifery program accredited by the Philippine Technical Educational Skills and Development Agency
    • Government licensure exam allowing legal practice after passing
    • Registration by the Professional Regulation Committee and the Board of Midwifery
    • Attendance of seminars given by the University of Santo Tomas Psycho Trauma Clinic
  • Jeepney Mobile Clinic

    Jeepney Clinics

    5 in Metro Manila and 5 in Cebu City

    Midwives are assigned to mobile Jeepney clinics specializing in providing women’s health services. The clinics are equipped with health screening supplies and midwifery kits to provide:

    • A sanitary, safe, private, and certified clinic for women to deliver babies
    • Screening for cervical cancer
    • Pregnancy tests
    • Free contraception
    • Family planning advice
    • Breasts exams
    • Identification and support of sexually exploited women and children
  • Overcrowded hospital maternity ward

    Overwhelming Birthrate

    Relief for the Hospitals
    • Metro Manila is home to the world’s busiest maternity ward- 60 to 100 births a day
    • Beds are commonly shared by multiple women
    • In poorer communities, conditions for home births may be unsafe or unhealthy without the appropriate support from a midwife
      The clinics can accommodate births helping alleviate the over crowded maternity wards and their mobility will enable them to meet patients where they are.
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