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Nepal: Kanti Childrens Hospital

Continued Support to Needy Patients: February 1 - August 31, 2016

December 04, 2016
Suman Gurung

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Shortly after the April 2015 earthquake, which killed and injured thousands throughout Nepal and damaged parts of Kanti Children’s Hospital (the only government referral level children’s hospital in Nepal), RMF determined to help address the hospital’s need for equipment, medical supplies, and capacity building to improve health service delivery. RMF began by donating $408,000 worth of medicines and medical supplies to Kanti Children’s Hospital, and forming a partnership with Social Action Volunteers (SAV).

In 2016, RMF has continued to support Kanti Children’s Hospital by providing financial support to SAV from January 2016 to the end of this reporting period, August 21, 2016. RMF’s support has helped enable SAV to provide the following supplemental medical supplies and services, which would otherwise be unavailable to many of the neediest patients at Kanti Children’s Hospital:
  • Free medicines and supplements;
  • Help for patients to access available hospital services like x-rays and lab tests;
  • Financial support and other arrangements (such as transportation) for patients who require services outside the hospital, such as MRIs and CT scans;
  • Nutrition support for children admitted to the Oncology and Malnutrition wards at Kanti Children’s Hospital; and
  • A blood bank available to patients.

RMF’s support has also been used to provide the following support to patients and their families:  
  • Lodging space at a very affordable rate: SAV charges about NPR 30 per day per person (equivalent to 30 cents per day per person) for cleaning and maintaining the lodging space, but if a family is unable to pay this nominal fee, they can stay for free;
  • Food, a kitchen, propane gas, and cooking utensils for needy patients and their families who are willing to cook their own food. (Many families are unable to afford restaurants.);
  • Bathroom and toilet facilities for patients’ families;
  • A clothing bank for needy patients and their families;
  • A playroom and library at Kanti Children's Hospital for patients and their siblings; and
  • Any other facilities or support that patients and their families may need depending upon circumstances and individual cases.

In addition to RMF’s financial support being used to provide the abovementioned services and supplies to needy patients at Kanti Children's Hospital and their families, during this reporting period RMF Nepal has also managed and mobilized the volunteers of SAV and Kanti Children's Hospital, giving them further opportunity to assist patients and their families through: 
  • Conducting health-oriented programs such as health camps, workshops, and seminars, and
  • Organizing fundraisers to maintain and improve current projects.
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Kanti Children’s Hospital is the only government referral level Children’s Hospital of Nepal. The hospital was established in 1963 as a general hospital with 50 beds, which today have a capacity of 320 beds. The hospital treats children up to the age of 14 from all over the country, a total target population of 13-14 million children. Following the earthquake, where parts of hospital building were damaged, there is in general a need for equipment and capacity building for better health service delivery.

  • Provide necessary medical supplies, blood, and nutritional support for patients. Also providing access and transportation to testing and procedures
  • Give instruction of patients needs, education, amenities during hospital stay, and financial support to family of the patient
  • Management to various hospital programs such as a blood drive program, a free-of-cost kitchen for patients and families, playroom and library for patients and siblings, and clothes bank for needy patients and family



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