Kenya: Lodwar District Hospital Support

A Steadfast New Year: Q1 2016

May 21, 2016

Summary of Activities

It is the beginning of yet another busy year for RMF Kenya. 2016 marks the 6th year that RMF will be working in collaboration with Lodwar District Hospital. Through its greatly improved infrastructure, services, and training, the hospital has been recognized for excellence by the Nursing Council of Kenya and the Kenyan Ministry of Health, and renamed Lodwar County and Referral Hospital. RMF is proud to have initiated and to still be part of the transformation the hospital has undergone. With the New Year, Lodwar County and Referral Hospital faces new challenges, and RMF continues to support the hospital, helping ensure that LCRH is fully supplied and able to perform its functions well. RMF has begun the year by addressing the following needs.

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Results &


  • nebulizers donated to hospital

    Medical Equipment

    New Nebulizers for Pediatrics

    The nebulizer RMF purchased 6 years ago for the pediatric ward has stopped functioning properly due to its age, frequent use, and infrequent servicing (we have instituted training to improve maintenance and ensure equipment longevity). The pediatric ward has been borrowing a nebulizer from other wards. To remedy this equipment shortage, RMF purchased 2 nebulizers for the pediatric ward. Staff members in the pediatric ward were very excited to have a fully functional nebulizer again, since it was difficult and inefficient to work without a nebulizer in the ward.

  • closet full of medical supplies

    Medical Supplies

    Pharmaceutical and Non-pharmaceutical

    Continuing on pediatric support, RMF purchased comprehensive medical supplies for the pediatric ward. Varied syrups, injectables and tablets were all supplied. The constant supply of these essential drugs and many others have gone a long way in benefitting the pediatric patients and ensuring that the pediatric ward continues to register low mortality numbers. RMF continues to contribute a large supply of non-pharmaceutical supplies (i.e.: gauze, gloves, bandages, etc.). RMF also contributes much needed cleaning supplies to keep the facility clean and prevent infections.

  • kenyan women standing with young child

    Results and Accomplishments

    attributed to availability of supplies

    Medical treatment and supplies are still provided free of charge. The pediatric nebulizers have assisted greatly for those suffering from asthma. There continues to be high number of patient visits with low mortality rates due and short hospital stays due to the availability of emergency drugs. Traffic accidents and other emergencies are handled efficiently with the availability.

  • young kenyan boy standing

    Services Offered

    Treating patients as a whole

    The hospital continues to provide curative services: treatment of illness, diagnosis management, and follow up reviews. Preventative services such as promotion of good health education, safe water education, safe motherhood education, HIV prevention, and school health programs. There is also rehabilitative treatments, an eye clinic, and dental services.

  • young child walking on a dirt path


    country infrastructure

    Unavailability of proper road infrastructure and public transportation to enable locals to bring sick patients to the hospital in time; patients have to walk long distances— frequently for days— to get to the hospital. Many sick patients do not get to the Lodwar County and Referral Hospital in time, which reduces their chances of survival. Top health problems are malaria, gastroenteritis, pneumonia, snake/insect bites, and diarrhea.

  • young children sitting in the shade

    Community Impact

    1 million people

    Lodwar County and Referral Hospital is now the County Referral Hospital in the Turkana region, whose current population exceeds 1 million people. It is the only functional hospital with the capacity to support referral cases. The support from RMF with emergency drugs, medical equipment, non-pharmaceuticals, and the now complete infrastructure repairs of the in-patient unit has enabled Lodwar County and Referral Hospital to provide all these services.

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& Objectives


Lodwar District Hospital (DH) is the only functional government regional referral hospital for all of Turkana region, spanning a population of almost 1,000,000. This is where the vast majority of the Turkana and other populations of Northwestern Kenya as well as people from across the borders to Uganda and South Sudan seek help when they need more advanced care requiring medical equipment and specialized skills that cannot be provided at dispensaries, health centers, or private health clinics. Lodwar DH has been struggling for years with wards in need of major repair, and supplies and drugs that come in with great irregularity from the government health supplies department in Nairobi.

  • Rehabilitate the infrastructure at Lodwar District Hospital, beginning with the pediatric ward and proceeding to male and female wards.
  • Rehabilitate equipment set at Lodwar District Hospital, beginning with the pediatric ward and proceeding to male and female wards, outpatient department, operating theatre and physiotherapy department.
  • Provide regularity to supplies of basic medical devices, disposables, and pharmaceuticals, complementing the items from Kenya Medical Supplies (KEMSA).
  • Provide equipment maintenance and spare parts management.
  • Organize on-site clinical training, beginning with general equipment use and care, and pediatric emergency care.
  • Provide outreach campaigns.
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Q1, 2016

35,427 outpatients (10,788 being pediatric outpatients)

1,108 inpatients (651 pediatric inpatients)

375 occupational therapy patients

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young child sick in the hospital a child released from the hospital

Eipa Loutei

Eipa was admitted with complaints of difficulty breathing, acute abdominal pains, fever, and general body weakness. It was the first time that he was admitted with these symptoms. He was born at home with no complications, and he did not get all the immunizations as per schedule. He was tested for HIV and he was HIV negative. He was diagnosed with acute glomerulonephritis with SAM and malnutrition. He was treated with several medications and also treated with malnutrition with therapeutic milks.

Photos show Eipa on admission as well as on day of discharge.

young girl arriving at hospital young girl in costume

Faith Amana

Faith Amana was admitted with complaints of severe wasting, stomach ache, and fever (temperature 37.8 degrees). This was the first time she was admitted with these symptoms. She was born at the hospital with no complications. She got all the immunizations as per schedule. Her parents were tested for HIV and turned out HIV negative. Faith is the second born in a family of three siblings. There has been no history of allergies or chronic illness. She was diagnosed with malnutrition with acute G.E. She was treated with several medications as well as therapeutic milk.

Photos show Faith on admission as well as on day of discharge.

young malnourished child in bed young girl leaving the hospital

Erika Tirikwel

This patient was admitted through the outpatient department with complaints of fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, and wasting. This was the first time he was admitted with these symptoms. Erika was born in the hospital with no complications, and he got all the immunizations as per schedule. Erika is the youngest child in a family of three siblings. She was diagnosed with acute G.E, pneumonia, and SAM. After treatment and a 13 day stay, she was discharged from the hospital and has progressed well.

Photos show Erika on admission as well as on day of discharge.

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