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Giving Tuesday

Support Women and Children this Holiday Season

November 24, 2014

At RMF we believe every life deserves the chance to realize its potential. When people are liberated from their fight for survival, they begin creating a better life for themselves and their community.

We believe in the human ability to transform. Our innate capacity to create transcends differences of ethnicity and economic standing. We are human because of our potential to change the world. When we are at our best, we are co-creators.

By empowering the people we are trying to help, we discover visionaries and partners who are best able to solve their own problems.

When we share this...

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Case Study

Premature Twin Baby Girls

September 10, 2014
Dr. Rubina Mumtaz

Aqeel Sadiq and his wife Sidra Aqeel are from Khurram Agency and had to flee from their homes when the military offensive against the Taliban was launched and part of their house was destroyed in air shellings. Newly married and already pregnant, the couple picked up whatever they could carry and joined the long line of fellow IDPs travelling to safer areas. Aqeel and Sidra were lucky because they had cousins living in Nowshera. Although their cousins were dirt poor and barely surviving on a meagre income, they were generous and hospitable in their welcome and offered them space in...

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