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After Hurricane Maria

Emergency Medical Center, Dorado, Puerto Rico

October 13, 2017 - Puerto Rico

With no electricity, the clinics and emergency rooms operate strictly on backup generator power. Medical providers like Dr. Acosta are in urgent need of help. RMF has sent a team to bring some initial medical supplies, as well as analyze the situation and form local partnerships. To learn more about RMF’s proposed program, read more on our initiative page.

RMF’s team gathered 250 lb. of basic medications and supplies in Miami, en route to San Juan.

Meet Dr. Acosta, our first contact in Dorado. He runs 2 emergency room clinics with his partner. Dorado is approximately 30 km outside of San Juan.

Dr. Acosta gladly accepts a duffle full of RMF supplies. We were honored to meet this wonderful person.

Meet Dr. Gonzalez, Dr. Acosta’s partner.

Dr. Gonzalez gives RMF’s team a rundown on the lengthy list of medications they need.

Doctors Gonzales and Acosta with medical staff in Dorado and RMF’s Dr. Patrick Dupont (far right)

Real Medicine Foundation is working to create a relief program in Puerto Rico, and we need your help! With your kind support, we can provide local medical professionals with the supplies they need to effectively treat patients and reach underserved populations.

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