Marjan al Mahamid

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Marjan al Mahamid  BS

Reporting Officer, Arabic Translator, and Cultural Mediator

Marjan al Mahamid is RMF’s Reporting Officer, Arabic Translator, and Cultural Mediator. He is of Serbian/Syrian descent and has been involved in refugee relief efforts since July 2015, working in Serbia and abroad in the Balkan region as a member of various national and international outreach teams. Marjan holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Honors) in Business Management from the University of Damascus, Syria and is currently finalizing his Master’s dissertation in Serbia in the field of Modern Intercultural Studies.

Marjan is deeply committed to the protection of human rights, ensuring the migration and assistance of refugees and peoples affected by political and social unrest, as well as fostering a community of peace based on dialogue, mutual understanding, and respect for life, liberty, and diversity.

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